ianandpatty Support

Two main apps.

P is for Plates

This is the classic license plate game.

Just double click whenever you find a plate.

Once you've found some license plates, you can:

  • See which states you have seen and when

  • See which letters you have covered

  • See a map that shows you where you saw each state

  • And for those who love to share, you can send an email to friends when you have seen either Alaska or Hawaii

Good luck and have fun!


P is for Pace

This is the perfect companion when you do laps.

The application is a simple stopwatch plus so much more. Once you have put in your preferred pace, you can customize it to:

  • Vibrate every time you should have completed the lap

  • Announce the lap you just completed

  • Announce your time above or below pace

  • Announce laps using a configurable game of Fizz/Buzz

  • And it will even count the number of steps during the session (as well as over the entire day) [iPhone 5S and above].